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poor Jake

This week is my Spring Break from the seminary, but not from CPE, so that means I had this Monday and Tuesday off from class. Since Tara still works up in Lafayette these days, we decided that it would be fun if I came up and spent the days/evenings with her while I was on my break. So we put the dogs in a doggy day care that we’ve used in the past; nice people, the dogs get worn out from barking and playing nonstop, everybody wins.

Well, when I arrived this afternoon to pick up the dogs, the owner of the place came up to me and asked if I had talked to Tara yet. I hadn’t, because I had been in CPE all day. It turns out that some other dog picked a fight with Jake … and bit him. Twice. The lady assured me that Jake did not need stitches, but that she had already taken him to our vet across town to have him taken care of. Since I was already out and about, I told the lady I’d be glad to go pick up Jake at the vet to save her a trip (and me some time). So Lindy and I packed up in the car – she knew something wasn’t right, and she was looking for Jake everywhere!

The vet gave me some antibiotics and some pain pills for Jake to take over the next several days. They had to shave about one square inch of his fur around each puncture wound, of which there are three. But they said he should be fine in the long run. (Oh, and the day care owner payed for all the vet fees and medicines, which was nice. I sure wasn’t going to pay for them myself.)

I kind of wonder if this will be a defining moment in Jake’s life… I wonder if his personality, especially toward other dogs, will change. He looked pretty miserable all night tonight, but some of that might be the medicine. 🙂

Here are the pictures you’re all expecting to see right about now:

Jake's head wound

Jake's head wound. The other dog gave him a pretty good bite on the top of his skull. Ouch!

Jake's shoulder wounds

Jake's shoulder wounds. It looks like he was bitten by some half-crazed vampire-dog!

Jake in his crate.  Doesn't he look pitiful?

Jake in his crate. Doesn't he look pitiful?

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