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rainy morning

My dog got mad at me this morning.

It’s a rainy morning, which is a little unusual for this area, this time of year. Let’s just say it was a surprise to both Jake and Lindy. Each morning, when I come downstairs, the first thing I do is let the dogs out into the backyard. Lindy went relatively willingly, even in the rain, but Jake was really hesitant to go out and get his little paws (and the rest of him) wet. But finally he did, did his business, and came back inside…

…and went straight to his crate.

Normally, right after the dogs come back inside, I feed them. So they are usually pretty excited to be around me first thing in the morning. Lindy was her normal hungry self, so I fed her. But Jake just wouldn’t come out of his crate, even though I called him over and over. And then I realized… he was throwing a fit, because I made him go outside and get wet.

So I went over to his crate, apologized profusely, petted him, rubbed a little water off his back, and sure enough, he started to wag his tail. Soon he got up and came with me to the kitchen to eat his food… slowly.

Poor dog.

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