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weird happenings

Lots of strange things have been happening to me in the past few days… today, especially. Ever have one of those days (or weekends)?

  • I got a flat tire on the way to school today.
  • I got summoned to report for jury duty tomorrow.
  • The previous owner of my house (who sold it to us 2.5 years ago) got a summons, on my front door, that he’s being sued in small claims court.
  • Lindy pooped in the front room of our house sometime between the time I wife got up this morning and the time Tara left for work.
  • The left temple of my glasses suddenly, and without provocation, broke on Saturday. (I had it soldered by a repair shop, but it hasn’t been the same since.)
  • I took our dogs on a walk this evening, and I was asked by no fewer than ten neighborhood children if the dogs bite. (Two kids actually were brave enough to pet them!)

2 Responses to “weird happenings”

  1. Spaugh Says:

    My dad just finished serving on a jury….for a week….in a murder trial. He had “fun.”

  2. Dave Says:

    Oof… that must have been intense. The case for which I was called was a civil case… but they filled the jury before anybody asked me any questions.

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