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beginnings…and endings

I apologize to my faithful readers who are probably disappointed that I haven’t written anything in two months (and anything of substance in longer than that). My life as it exists right now does not lend itself well to this type of ultra-public reflection, for a number of reasons.

For starters, I am in CPE, which means (for me) that I am spending two days a week at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. There are *lots* of things going on there, and I have seen situations that I never imagined, both good and bad. Mostly involving death, if you’re curious. But suffice it to say that I can’t really write anything on this blog about specific experiences I’ve had in the hospital – that would violate all sorts of laws.

Also, I am finishing my seminary education this semester. Today happens to be my first day of that last semester, and I have to admit that I actually am excited and interested in my final three classes: ethics for ministers, Church of God history, and mission in the urban church. But combined with CPE and ordination (see below), I’m going to be heads-down until May 9, graduation day, so who knows, maybe I’ll find a minute or two to post something interesting about class sometime.

The biggest strain on me right now is the ordination process. But this is not the place for me to describe what’s going on, because far too many people with multiple roles, perspectives, and levels of investment in my ordination are at least occasional visitors to this site. We’re talking about conflict of interests at a nearly maximal level, and that’s not something that I need to subject myself to at this point in the process. (Let the reader understand.)

That parenthetical line comes to mind, incidentally, because of my interest in it as a red-letter sentence in the gospels. Those versions of the Bible that highlight Jesus’s words print that sentence, “Let the reader understand,” in red type as well. And that always fascinates me, because I’m positive that Jesus didn’t actually say those words, because he didn’t actually write those words. Instead, the gospels were written by other people for specific audiences (“reader”s) for specific purposes (which they, we assume, would “understand”). I think it’s a fun task to try to figure out what in the world they understood by such things as “the abomination that causes desolation” (see Matthew 24).

No, “fun” isn’t the right word. “Necessary” is the right word.

Oh well, off to buy the remainder of my books for the semester.

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  1. Back2theBible Says:

    The Church of God history class sounds interesting. I have a large library of ChoG books.

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