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some good news

I got some good news on Tuesday: I am signed up to finish my seminary degree this spring with a total of 93 credit hours!

Now, that might not seem like good news to you, but it sure did to me. That’s because I’m only required to have 90 credit hours in order to graduate. Each class at the seminary is 3 credit hours. And as I loved to say to my math students once upon a time, “you can do the math.”

CPE is, as I have said here before, rather time consuming (and rather emotionally consuming). And CPE doesn’t end, much to my chagrin, until the end of March. That’s two and a half months into the spring semester at the seminary, in which I am scheduled to take three classes on campus. Three classes is my normal work load. But if you stack CPE on top of that, it amounts to about five classes’ worth of time commitment (at least). I have often said that anyone taking five seminary classes at once is, for lack of a better term, crazy.

And I was planning to be crazy for a semester. Ah, but now, I don’t have to take all three classes – one of them is an elective, so I think I’m going to elect to audit the class instead of take it for credit. It’s a class in urban ministry, and I think it would be interesting to take given my experiences at Woodruff Place these past three years. So I can sit in on lectures, do the readings, participate in conversations, but I don’t have to do any of the work. Sounds pretty good, huh?

I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about next semester already. It will still be hard – I’ve never taken four classes at once, either – but hopefully it won’t be crazy.

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  1. Dad A. Says:

    “I was planning to be crazy for a semester.” That would have been fun to watch! 🙂

    But seriously, I’m glad you discovered this and found a way to reduce your workload for your final semester in seminary.

    Way to go!

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