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Captain Midnight has had his final ride…

That was my dad’s name for my car, which I bought (in a manner of speaking) from him back when I left for Miami six years ago. I’ve put a lot of miles on it in these past two degree programs… it was up to about 130,000 miles, and I hoped to get it all the way to 250,000 before it died.

Last weekend, our pastor graduated from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary up in Chicago with a D.Min. degree. Several people from our church wanted to travel up there to attend the graduation ceremony, but the number of people was substantially greater than the number of available seats in the cars of those people who can drive. So Tara and I lent my car to friends of ours (Bethany and James), so they could drive their car and my car up to Chicago and therefore carry twice as many people.

All went well with their trip until they got off the interstate, less than a mile from the location of the ceremony. Bethany, driving my car in front, stopped suddenly at a stop sign which was mostly hidden from view by a bush on the side of the street. James, driving their car behind Bethany, was checking his mirrors and getting ready to change lanes if necessary. He looked forward just in time to smash into Bethany at a whopping 15 miles an hour.

Everybody walked away from the collision, thankfully. The only injury of note is a cracked rib in an elderly lady who was sitting in Bethany’s front seat. Both cars were deemed undriveable and were towed to a nearby towing yard. Bethany and James rented an SUV and were then able to drive everyone around in one car (and thus avoid rear-ending each other again!).

On Thursday, Bethany and I (and our pastor) drove back up to Chicago – our pastor, because I believe he felt somewhat responsible for causing the whole scenario; Bethany, because she had to return the rented SUV; and I, because I wanted to see my car and perhaps drive it home if it were worth repairing. On the way up, Bethany got the call from her insurance – both cars were totalled. (We’re still waiting on the details of the settlement.) When we got to the towing place, we cleaned out both cars and took a few pictures for posterity. Click on any picture for easy viewage:

Bethany's car

A close-up of the front end of the car James was driving. Notice the perfectly round circle in the condenser – that’s the work of my tailpipe, which is only two or three years old. 🙂

Bethany's car

A broader view of the front end of James and Bethany’s car.

Dave's car

My car. Notice the lack of rear bumper. Dad, that cracked bumper finally gave up the ghost – it fell off at the site of the accident. 🙂

Dave's car

The worker man is taking off my license plate for me. Notice my tailpipe, as strong as ever. (Of course, the collision may have destroyed where this pipe connects up at the front of the car.)

Dave's car

Lack of fender. Notice also how the body is squished up on the rear tire. That’s what made my car undriveable.

Dave's car

There wasn’t much room left in the trunk. The lady in the front seat is on oxygen, and she had an extra oxygen tank in this trunk. I’m glad it didn’t explode…

Dave's car

This is a close-up of that rear tire. Bethany’s finger shows how close the body is to the tire. It wasn’t quite touching, but roads aren’t perfectly smooth (and people do have mass, as well).

So, there goes my car. It’s all bust up. Any ideas on what we should get to replace it? We’re about to go car-shopping this evening…

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