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The last few days have been, in a word, pretty heavy. (Oops, that’s two words.)

On Sunday evening, I gave a short testimony at church (pre-arranged, we’re not that spontaneous) about the influence of prayer on my life. So I told the story of my call to ministry, which took place in the context of prayer with a friend. I’ve been thinking about that call a lot lately, especially as another graduation approaches (and mine looms ever larger just one year away)… what is it that I’m doing with my life, anyway?

Then on Tuesday, the multiple whammies hit. My church history prof, whose wife died last fall, somehow got to talking about her and her joyful life at the end of class in the morning… and he got choked up, which was only natural… but that’s the first time he’s gotten emotional in class since those first two weeks or so after she died.

In chapel, then, we had the annual commissioning service, complete with distribution of servants’ towels and all that good stuff. (When I get mine next year, it’ll be my third. So I can wash three feet at once.) And each senior had the opportunity to say something to the community, offer some kind of thanks to the faculty and staff, etc. Of course that became emotional pretty quickly. (On the plus side: they do the M.Div. graduates first and alphabetically, and my last name starts with A.)

Add to that a discouraging (to put it mildly) CPE situation for a couple of good friends of mine… and then in homiletics class, I was scheduled to give the devotional thought for the day, so I told the story of my call to ministry again, this time with a slant toward the meaning of preaching (being the voice of the shepherd, John 10:1-10). Then two classmates gave powerful sermons about (a) our ability to think too much of ourselves when we shouldn’t and (b) our need to find songs to sing, figuratively speaking, about the faithfulness of God in our lives. (what would I pick? I honestly don’t know)

Oof. It’s just a lot to handle all at once. But I should have expected it sometime… for the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering if I’m going down the right path with this whole seminary bit. It’s just like God, I think, to drive a point home with merciful abandon.

End result? Well, for now, it’s a good bit of reassurance that I am on the right track, even if there still is so far to go…

Oh yeah, and the Indians need pitchers. Like a flooding city needs a levee.

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  1. Dad A. Says:

    How about a baseball post?

    I’ve been saying all along that the Tribe lacked only two things — hitting and pitching.

    Well, they found them both this week in KC. 🙂

    Now, back home to the Pro for a 4-game set against the EY (Evil Yankees) — three of those games will be seen on TV in my house (the Saturday game starts at 3:55 — wanna come early for supper????)

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