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doctrinal leaders

I’m going through some old seminary class notes of mine, in preparation for teaching Sunday School at church this coming Sunday. And I stumbled on a page of notes from Dr. Stafford’s Constructive Theology III course, which I took in the fall of 2005. On October 4 of that year, Dr. Stafford named seven doctrinal leaders of the Church of God: D. S. Warner, H. M. Riggle, F. G. Smith, R. R. Byrum, C. E. Brown, Earl Martin, and Albert Gray. (Sometime in the 1950s or so, American men started having first names and not just two initials.) Dr. Stafford also suggested three criteria that we can use to identify doctrinal leaders in our movement and in Christianity in general:

  1. the person writes
  2. the subject of this writing has to do with the beliefs of the church, not with anecdotes
  3. the person and his/her writing is accepted by the church

In retrospect, I think we can safely add Gil Stafford to this list of doctrinal leaders of the Church of God.

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  2. Dale Says:

    One of the areas in which Bro Warner had a greater understanding then ourselves was in the area of church government. Scripture clearly shows that the local New Testament assemblies were governed on a day-to-day basis by multiple elders, rather than the single pastor model that we have today. Warner recognized this and put it into practice, but today we have gone back to the traditions passed down by the Roman Catholics (Pope, Priest) and Protestants (Priest, Pastor). This has caused great harm to our churches today.

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